Trustdyx Press Release

Trustdyx offers new technology to create blazing fast affordable websites

Trustdyx announces the creation of a new paradigm in websites – an extremely agile website within a uniquely quick timeframe without plugins or major security holes.

With larger competitors charging huge sums to get speedy, high-tech websites built for clients, Trustdyx is an affordable way for small-to-medium sized businesses to get an edge in the marketplace, get found in organic searches and keep clients on their site with fast performance, beautiful aesthetics and clean, easy-to-use navigation.

“With so many industries in need of faster, more affordable and low-maintenance websites, we’re thrilled to add Trustdyx to our offerings,” said Matthew MacGregor, Trustdyx’s chief innovation officer (CIO) and principal engineer. “We’re excited by the initial response we’ve received about Trustdyx. The development and rollout has been a true team effort.”

A Trustdyx website is built from the ground up by in-house programmers and web designers. Clients may choose from modifiable existing designs or a design can be developed from scratch.

Compared to other website offerings, Trustdyx is:

Blazing Fast

  • faster than 94% of websites on the internet;
  • up and running within a few short weeks;
  • free of the bloat and unneeded features other website builders use;


  • hightly affordable, with different payment options;
  • business-friendly monthly cost;


  • hands-free - no maintenance required;
  • natively search engine optimized (SEO);
  • naturally mobile-friendly

Beautifully Designed

  • designed in-house with your input;
  • available in a multitude of designs


  • backed up every time a change is made;
  • supported by native HTTPS encryption;
  • securely hosted; and
  • restorable within minutes should the worst happen.

Trustdyx is available to end-users as well as through licensing. To learn more, visit

About Trustdyx
Trustdyx was founded in 2017 to provide extremely fast, beautiful, low-maintenance and highly secure websites within the budgets of small-to-medium sized businesses. We’re innovating in website technology to create websites which allow these SMBs to compete with larger rivals and get a beautiful website up and running in a very short time-frame. For more information, visit

*Note for Editors:
In regards to affordability, the estimated total monthly cost of website ownership – not development – including maintenance, hosting, SSL [security] and backups is:
Trustdyx Website – $49/month
Average Website – $113.15/month

Press Contact
Matthew MacGregor
CIO and principal engineer
(320) 282-5830